Harvest Berry Grape
​Strawberry Horchata
​Italian Lemon
A light warm berry medley of raspberry, black berry, and strawberry then to finish this delightful blend is a subtle grape undertone. A vivacious berry start and an amazingly smooth grape finish, what could be better for a dedicated berry connoisseur.
​A sweet warm blend of thick rich rice milk with subtle strawberry and cinnamon, this blends and old rice milk standby with a wonderful berry twist. This juice has been an instant customer favorite.
​Like a cup of cool refreshing lemon frozen yogurt, Italian lemon provides a huge burst of citrus perfection with a cool smooth yogurt finish, citrus lovers rejoice!!!
​Blackberry Custard
​Double Apple Cream
​Chocolate Donut
​A subtle tart blackberry picked at just the right time, finished off with a sweet vanilla custard for that smooth thick flavor cloud you are craving. We can’t get enough of this sweet treat, and neither can you!
​Striking a perfect balance between a sweet crisp red apple and sour tart green apple finished with a thick whipping cream, providing a light lively dessert flavor.
​The taste of a fluffy, fresh out of the oven pastry, smothered in rich smooth chocolate glaze, will have your taste buds craving for more of this chocolaty goodness. Our Chocolate Donut will have even the most discerning chocolate lover coming back again and again.